Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

"We wanted tell how helpful your staff was. We were up there this July riding the Clark and Jackson county trail system and stopped in your dealership. We needed to get some oil for our RZR and while there asked your parts people some questions about the trails. There was a male and female employee there and they we both very helpful. They both knew the trail system and told us about using the Polaris ride command apt for our phone. They helped us download the apt and showed us how to use. We normally ride in offroad parks here in Indiana and never used the apt or knew about it. I wish we would have gotten their names and left a comment earlier. We will stop in again when up there." 
- By: Bob D. | Reelsville, IN -
"Adam was the best salesperson I have ever dealt with in my 40 plus years of purchasing merchandise. You are lucky to have him working at your dealership."
By: Steven T. | Cornell, WI

"Recently purchased my Slingshot with the tremendous help of Adam... he was fantastic answering all my questions and helping with the finances as well... was a great experience and a purchase of a very very fun machine!!!!!"
By: Brian P. | Eau Claire, WI

"Very good sales, Adam did a great job! Nice Polaris ATV"
By: Michael | Stanley, WI

"Re: 2014 RZR purchase I just wanted to drop you folks a note... Being someone in their late 50’s, I’ve made a lot of purchases over the years, whether it be a car, a motorsports vehicle or whatever. We all know the feeling when driving into a retailers lot and the salesman comes running across the parking lot to intercept you. You know the type; the guy.....who worked at Best Buy last week, but now thinks he’s the epitome of knowledge when selling this new product. The guy.... who suddenly is now your best friend and acts as if he would take a bullet fort you. The guy....who doesn’t have a clue, but will look you in the eye and lie his ass off. Yeah, we’ve all had the displeasure of dealing with assholes like that at some point. I’ve recently met with Adam several times. At first, I sort of knew what I wanted, but had many questions, even after spending countless hours researching the web, and reading several forums. It immediately became quite apparent that Adam had enormous industry knowledge and was very helpful in filling in the blanks. He did not have to fiddle with books or tap away on a computer. The information I was seeking was was right there in his head. Adam has a wonderful demeanor and it was a pleasure to 'shoot the sht' with him. In the beginning, I was pondering whether to go with the base model RZR, or the LE. Because of Adams familiarity of the product, he was able to eloquently point out the physical differences between the two models, and the differences in value. I ended up choosing the LE because Adam demonstrated the added value versus the price difference between the two models. At no time did I feel like I was being up-sold. Adam simply laid it out, and let me decide for myself. All in all, it was a wonderful experience dealing with Adam and Sport Rider from the beginning, until the RZR was loaded on my trailer. It’s so rare to have an experience such as this nowadays... I just had to share my thoughts. Feel free to use this as a testimonial in any way you wish. Regards,"
By: Anonymous | WI

"Recently purchased a 2013 Triumph Speedmaster- very pleased with both the bike and the service from Sport Rider. A+"
By: Sarah | Barronett, WI

"Bought a brand new RZR from Adam and had a fantastic experience! He found exactly what we wanted at a great price. If you are looking for a great deal from a trustworthy sales person go in and ask for Adam!"
By: Rhonda | Cassville, WI

"Victory Vegas Low ..... sweet... thanks"
By: Greg | Black River Falls, WI

"Mike, Toni, Scott and Adam are very good, always friendly and easy to talk to. Cannot forget about Travis in the shop, he's great, always willing..."
By: Greg | Augusta, WI

"I have purchased an ATV and endless accessories including helmets and jackets. Adam in sales is very knowledgeable about all the machines offered in the store. Travis in service is phenomenal ! He absolutely has the skills to repair your recreational vehicle. He was able to pinpoint problems I had with a used snowmobile and did not try to take advantage of my inexperience. Adam, Travis and everyone at Sport Rider are highly recommended by me!"
By: Mark | Eau Claire, WI

"I bought a 2009 Victory Kingpin and could not have asked for better service. Thank you Adam for making my first motorcycle purchase a great experience!"
By: Anonymous | Eau Claire, WI